Pacu Jawi – Cow Race

In remote villages of West Sumatra region for a hundred of years villagers are celebrating rice harvest by holding cow racing event which is called “Pacu jawi” in local language.

The race is happening in the muddy rice fields after rice had been harvested. It is very emotional, full of adrenaline and mud event. Strong village men are trying to hold on tails of the cows as long as they can while cows are running through the “race track”. Also, to motivate cattle run faster participants biting their tails. Cows can run up to 30 km/h speed.
This event is held not only for fun, but it helps also to plough the fields for next rice planting.
Race does not have one winner, but the winners of the race will be rewarded in different way. Men who performed the best, their cow’s value will be higher and they can sell them more expensive.