My name is Vytautas Jankulskas, I was born in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1991.

I have been living a nomadic lifestyle for around 5 years, travelling around the world in different ways, mostly by hitchhiking.

Couple of years ago I found a new way of looking into the world, I found photography.

Since then I have been travelling and working on various personal photography projects. Mostly I am interested in everyday people photography. I like to photograph people in their natural environment.

I love walking through unknown streets in unknown places with my camera hanging around my neck and observe people behavior. I walk a lot, sometimes all day, observing how people interact with each other in the place where they are.

Most of the times I try to be invisible, I try not to disturb the moment by my presence. So either I am trying to be very fast and sneaky so people do not know that I am photographing them, or opposite, I spend a lot of  time with people I want to photograph, so at some point I blend in and become kind of invisible, and this allows me to make more real and intimate photographs.


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